About Oak & Arrow Consulting

My name is Reid Vander Veen and I’ve been in marketing and sales for over 15 years. Chances are high I’ve been there, done that, and got the T-shirt to prove it. Though much of my past work has been in the outdoor recreation, manufacturing, and agriculture space, I specialize in making the complicated world of modern marketing easy and approachable for any business using a proven framework.

Some people care about a resume. If that’s you, know that I have experience with most major CRM platforms, email marketing platforms, social media and web platforms. Not only do I have a great deal of experience in the outdoor space, but I live it. I also hold an MBA and have won numerous awards for marketing campaigns in the past. I’ve enjoyed working with everything from local startups to publicly traded companies. Additionally, my work has brought me to industries ranging from agriculture to construction and finance to global tech firms. More than almost anything, I love solving marketing problems and guiding teams of all shapes and sizes to win with their strengths.

If you want to know who I really am, that part is pretty easy. I’m a Believer, Husband, Father, Outdoorsman, Founder, and a Farmer. A University Professor, Author, Sporting Dog Breeder, Home Renovation and Classic Car Enthusiast. I’m a contrarian by nature, an attribute I believe you should look for in anyone you’re asking to help you stand out from a crowd.

Your Business Deserves A Fractional CMO.

Often in small and medium businesses leadership teams are stretched too thin and high performing leaders take on too much responsibility. CEOs and other executives often bare the burden of leading the marketing function in these organizations.

An inexperienced leader, or a distracted one, is rarely a great approach for any department. Supporting your organization with an experienced marketing executive will ensure you’re properly investing your time, money, and other resources on the most appropriate tactics.

I’m not here to tell you to run ads. If you’re looking for traditional marketing support, call an agency. I’m likely not your guy. If you want content, find a free-lancer. There are as many of them around as there are coffee shops. If you’re after real executive-level support and marketing leadership, we should talk.