Get the marketing leadership your business needs.

As a Fractional CMO, my job is to help outdoor recreation, manufacturing, and agriculture companies solve their most pressing marketing and growth challenges in 12 months or less. We do that by creating and executing winning strategies tailored to your specific goals.

– Reid Vander Veen, Fractional CMO

Is your business ready to be proactive with your marketing for the first time? Do you need help structuring your department and hiring the right resources? Looking to launch a new product or service? Trying to generate new leads? Let’s talk.

What is a Fractional CMO?

A Fractional CMO is the part-time executive who leads the marketing function inside your business. A great Fractional CMO will learn your goals and create comprehensive plans to achieve them.

As a part-time executive, I’ll lead the implementation of systems, tools, processes, and plans to make sure your marketing produces real, reliable, profitable results.

Let’s work together! Click on the offerings below for more detail.

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

You’ll get a comprehensive marketing strategy with prioritized initiatives. I’ll work with your team regularly to manage and execute the strategy we develop.

Half Day Consult

With a couple weeks of preparation via email and a 4-hour session together we’ll develop the blueprint for your marketing strategy.

Ongoing Advisor

With check-ins monthly or every other week your team will stay on track and your leadership team will stay informed.

Agency Support

Are you getting real, provable performance from your agency, freelancers, or contractors? As your CMO, I’ll ensure your marketing spend with vendors is both efficient and effective.

“Working with Reid was the most impactful thing we’ve done to drive sales and solidify our reputation in all the time I’ve been with our company.”
– Sales Director, Midwest-based Suppressor Manufacturer